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Gravel Pads
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A gravel pad is a foundation that is used for structures to rest on. A gravel pad is most commonly seen with a shed or small garage however can be used for other structures as well. A gravel pad is mainly used to level a surface for a structure to sit on for many years.

Many people who look into purchasing a storage shed, small garage, gazebo, etc. tend to forget about the foundation. This can cause many problems for your structure in the long run. Installing a gravel pad prevents the base of a shed or other structure from contacting vegetation. If a foundation is not in place and the structure is making contact with vegetation, this may cause the structure from becoming damp and make it more prone to decay. A simple and affordable solution to this problem would to invest in a gravel pad and ensure your structure a longer and healthier life.

How To A Prepare Gravel Pad for Sheds

Basic site grading

Placing 4 x 6 timbers and anchoring them with 2′ rebar

Corners are pinned together using 10″ galvanized spikes

Fill with 3/4 clean stone, leveled to accommodate your new shed

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Gravel Pad FAQ’s

How much does a gravel pad for shed cost?

A gravel pad for shed can range in price depending on the size, slope, etc. For an exact price on your custom gravel pad, request a free quote!

Can I install a shed on foundation blocks?

You can install a shed on foundation blocks however it is not recommended. Placing your shed on blocks may result in straining the base causing damage.

What size pad do I need?

We recommend adding 2′ to the length and the width of the foundation. For example, a 12×20 shed should sit on a 14×22 foundation.

Do I need a gravel shed base?

A gravel shed base is not required for a shed installation however it is highly recommended. Without a gravel shed pad, your shed will be sitting directly on the ground where it can rot and decay over time/

Can I build a shed foundation on uneven ground?

Yes, you can build a shed foundation on uneven ground. If your ground is uneven, you will need to grade the site and measure the new pad to ensure it will sit perfectly even.

What kind of gravel do I need to use for a foundation?

Crushed stone is what is usually used for a gravel shed pad. Since it is easily compacted, this makes for a sturdy foundation and a great drainage system.

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